Cloud303 Recognized As Microsoft Experts With Service Delivery Award

LAKEWOOD, CO (August 18, 2022): Cloud303 - an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner - has officially been recognized as an Amazon EC2 for Windows Servers Service Delivery Partner (SDP)!

According to the Amazon Web Services (AWS), “Amazon EC2 for Microsoft Windows Server Delivery Partners are AWS Partners ready to help you plan, implement, and manage cloud migration and modernization of Windows-based solutions. With expertise in implementing and migrating Microsoft Workloads, Amazon EC2 for Microsoft Windows Server Delivery Partners can maximize your agility, security, and cost efficiency. The AWS Service Delivery Program enables AWS customers to identify AWS Partners with experience and a deep understanding of specific AWS services. These AWS Partners have passed a rigorous technical validation to ensure they are following best practices with each service and demonstrated proven customer success.”

Cloud303 has demonstrated extensive expertise not only in the cloud space but also in everything related to Microsoft - marrying the best of both worlds together to offer a wide range of services involving EC2 on Windows, IIS, Systems Manager, SQL/MySQL/PostgreSQL databases on RDS, .NET applications, etc.

In addition, Cloud303’s array of seasoned AWS-certified cloud engineers have also successfully rolled deployments using a host of other Amazon technologies including Amazon Workspaces, Amazon AppStream 2.0, among others. The AWS Microsoft Platform team, which audited the technical validation audit for Cloud303’s SDP application, lavished praise on Cloud303’s work with Microsoft workloads.

Two case studies were required for the SDP to demonstrate Cloud303’s expertise, and the AWS Microsoft team said, “Both the case studies clearly showcase the Cloud303 team's skills and expertise on Amazon EC2 service and other AWS Services. We are delighted to see how our consulting partner Cloud303 is helping our customers migrate/modernize their workloads to one of our most popular services Amazon EC2 and making their cloud journey efficient and painless. We are very excited to have a partner with an excellent understanding of the AWS Cloud technologies. They have shown that they put extra effort into understanding their customers' business requirements to offer them the right solutions.”

This marks the first time Cloud303 has achieved the Service Delivery Partner award. "The first of many," according to company Co-founder and CTO Sujaiy Shivakumar.

“Our team, across the board, has been working hard to get us to the level we are at. We will continue to make strides as we seek to achieve the next level, ascending from an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner to an AWS Premier Partner.

“As we slay the partnership requirements, expect to see our name a lot more in your feed and in your dreams through our AI-driven technologies,” Sujaiy joked at the AWS Summit Anaheim 2022.